Monday, 27 October 2014

So Long!

I know it is ages since I wrote on my blog.  These were taken the day after my birthday in September!  So what have we been up to - can't really remember but I am assuming lots has happened.  Knitting has happened as usual, Christmas gifts have been started and finished.  Still have lots to do though.

When Joshua started back at school in September I promised myself I would get back into my running!  Some weeks are good where I go out several times others are terrible where I don't get out at all.  I have now decided that I really need to do more,  maybe not just running but throw in a bit of cycling and some swimming as well.   I have been very good doing runs at the start of the week but by the end it has fizzled out as I have been volunteering at school.  One of the days I was helping out on will be free so hopefully some more free time to get some exercise in.  Now just have to get some exercise in over half term going out in the evenings when it is dark (not my favourite).  Oh well it is only one week and it is a lovely time to spend together.  In fact we might even go swimming!  And lots of dog walking to see what we can find!  Mud, leaves and climbing trees!