Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Filling my time

Joshua has now gone back to school and seems to so far has settled in well in his new class and likes his new teacher.  Phew!

So now I am at home by myself during the school hours and filling the hours seems to be no problem. I am hoping to get back to doing a little more exercise each day as well as the usual bits of housework and maybe the odd bit of knitting.   So far I have cycled and done some running and it feels good.  The endorphins from exercise make you feel so good.

But I do miss the constant background chatter of the little one and look forward to picking him up each day and spending some quality time together after school and before bedtime.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


All too soon the summer holidays are gone and we are back to the school routine.  We actually still have one more day holiday but that will be gone soon too.

At the start of the holiday I was thinking what are we going to do for 6+ weeks but the days have been filled with lots of things to keep us busy.

I shall miss having Joshua around with the constant background chatter, the cuddles, the tantrums!! (And yes we still sometimes have those even though we are six years old.)    Oh well I shall just have to remind myself of the things we have done over the holidays and look forward to the time we have between coming home from school and bedtime.