Thursday, 26 February 2015

A year in books

Sorry terrible picture but wanted to post before the end of February.  For my February book I read The Miniaturist.  It is an excellent book but I was a bit disappointed.  I don't want to say too much about it as others have chosen this as their next book to read.

For my next book I am going to read Miss Carter's War by Sheila Hancock.  It looks quite a good read and this month I decided to go back to a good old paper copy book rather than reading on my kindle to try and persuade our little on to read a bit more.   I shall let you know how it goes.

Saturday, 3 January 2015


2015 - Well I wonder what it will bring.

2014 was a good year in some ways, hard at times and busy as usual.

What would I like for 2015.  I would like to occasionally slow down a bit, spend time together doing lots more fun things, simplify our lives a little bit more.   I think that might be enough to start with, maybe as the year goes on and we accomplish some of this we can add things to it but I don't want to start the year bogging it down with lots of things I know probably won't be accomplished.  I want to start small.

I would also like to think I will blog more but again I don't want to put pressure on myself to do so.  I am trying to make things easier on myself so I can spend more time with those who I love.

Monday, 27 October 2014

So Long!

I know it is ages since I wrote on my blog.  These were taken the day after my birthday in September!  So what have we been up to - can't really remember but I am assuming lots has happened.  Knitting has happened as usual, Christmas gifts have been started and finished.  Still have lots to do though.

When Joshua started back at school in September I promised myself I would get back into my running!  Some weeks are good where I go out several times others are terrible where I don't get out at all.  I have now decided that I really need to do more,  maybe not just running but throw in a bit of cycling and some swimming as well.   I have been very good doing runs at the start of the week but by the end it has fizzled out as I have been volunteering at school.  One of the days I was helping out on will be free so hopefully some more free time to get some exercise in.  Now just have to get some exercise in over half term going out in the evenings when it is dark (not my favourite).  Oh well it is only one week and it is a lovely time to spend together.  In fact we might even go swimming!  And lots of dog walking to see what we can find!  Mud, leaves and climbing trees!

Monday, 8 September 2014

New Term - time flies

I can't believe how quickly the summer holidays went.  We are now into the new term at school.  Josh has gone into year 1 and growing up so quickly.  This time last year we were just starting school with all that entails.  And now we have just fallen back into our school routine as if we have not had a summer break.  It was a shock the first few mornings.  And Josh was not that keen on going back - Tears the first morning.

I now just need to get back to doing some of my knitting work and spend some time doing the hundreds of jobs that need doing in the garden.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer Holidays number 1

First morning of the summer holidays and look we have gone from this

 To this

It is going to take me a little while to get used to it and it also means getting it cut regularly now.  But he is so pleased with it - 'I am a boy now' was his first comment! The curl is still there but it is more wavy now and I think the only way to get rid of the wave is to have it really short but mummy is not ready for that yet.  I need time to get used to it like this first .  I am sure that time will come when he wants it really short.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

What weather !

For the past couple of weeks if not more we have had the most amazing weather.  Dry and warm.  Sunny on lots of days.   It has been lovely and we have been able to get out and about without having to use the car all the time. It is amazing what you spot when you are not in that little box on wheels.  It has been lovely to go out without having to take lots of layers or coats as well.   We have made the most of the weather by using our bikes and tag along to get to and from school on most days.   But it has also made us more aware of the dangers on our road with cars going to fast or too close so as a family we have chosen to support this initiative by Sustrans - .  I picked up on this initiative by reading Lou's blog  It is just a simple idea but could make a huge difference .

(Image from The Pod Company, Nicky James bags)

Friday, 30 May 2014

Half term already

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are going.  This past week has been half term for Joshua and it has been lovely just to go out in the outdoors and run and climb.

We have been on our bikes , Joshua managed to cycle nearly 6 miles earlier in the week and then even wanted to take the dog out for a walk when we got back - he has so much energy.

During half term knitting work has to take a little bit of a back seat but heigh ho it won't be long and we won't be doing this .

Roll on the summer holidays when we hope to do some camping even if some of it may only be in the back garden.