Thursday, 8 August 2019


Last weekend Josh went off with Nanny and Grandad and I went to London with a friend.  We had a lovely relaxing day despite having to get up early to catch the train.  The plan was to do a bit of culture and then a bit of shopping.  I think the culture bit might have been skipped and we ended up shopping.  We treated ourselves to posh coffee out at Fortmum and Mason with the most delicious chocolate cake that lasted no time at all.  And then we had a mooch around the shops.  Oh and of course we had to pop into a yarn shop or two.  We went into Liberty where the new Rowan Mode was available and yes I did buy something (so I think one of the garments from this is next on my knit list).   We looked around the rest of the haberdashery department as well as looking at several other things. We also popped into John Lewis to have a look there.  But resisted buying anything there.  After exhausting ourselves I think both of us were glad to get back on the train and rest our feet and to plan our next and several other trips after that.

Monday, 15 July 2019

My Life

Ok so knitting, the dog, my family and being outside are all part and parcel of my life.  As a family we love having a dog as it gets us out no matter what the weather is doing you have to take them out.  He is also good company and great fun to be with.

My family will tell you I am addicted to knitting, most evenings and even during the day I can't sit down without some knitting to do.  I am very grateful for the designers and yarn producers who let me knit things for them especially when I have so many sweaters for myself that the drawer where I keep them is full.  (Yes I need to cull some!)  At the moment the sweater I am working on (and I am trying to work only on this) is called Olive Leaf Pullover by Hand Knit Life (@Ririko) and is for Linda at @Kettleyarnco whose yarns are amazing.  There are so many designers and yarns out there now than when I first started knitting that I could add and add and add to the things I want to make.

Sunday, 23 June 2019


Sundays are for spending time together as a family.  We have recently bought Josh a new bike as he had outgrown his previous one.  So with still shiny new wheels (it has been used a little already but only short journeys) we headed off on a family cycle.  It was lovely to get out and go a little further than we normally would.  I think all in all we did about 20 miles.  Thankfully the weather was perfect for cycling not too hot, cold or wet.  Mind you there were a few drops of rain and I did wonder if we should have brought coats. 

So now for a relaxing evening in front of the television and doing some knitting before the new week begins.

Saturday, 22 June 2019

So Long

Can't believe how long it is since I posted on here.  I guess things just get in the way of posting and so it never gets done.  Sometimes it is just easier to post one picture and think of a short caption to put on Instagram rather than write a long post.  But I still like to think I have a blog even if I don't post anything or anyone else reads it. 
Perhaps I should get back to blogging regularly, maybe more about what we have been doing rather than just about what my latest knitting / craft project is.  (Mind you there have been plenty of those recently with various commissions for designers and wool dyers alike, keeping my fingers busy!).

Let's see what the future holds and see if I can get back to blogging a bit more regularly.  But I will try not to bore my readers if I have any left.

Friday, 16 February 2018


I do this a lot.  Just ask my family.  But recently I have been trying to decide what to really make and what makes me really happy.  Putting a little more thought into what I am making and not just jumping on the band wagon because that is what others are making.  This past week has seen me rip back nearly a whole sweater and cast on a new one.  I was not happy with the sweater and the more I knitted the more I kept thinking that it was not really what I wanted to be making.  So off the needles it went and I casted on some different.  I decided to go back to knitting a designers design that I knew I would want to knit and wear.

I have never really thought that much about my knitting.  I know I am more comfortable knitting things flat and sewing up.  It is just the way I like.  I don't mind knitting in the round but I am happier knitting flat.  Also there are some designers I just know I like the garments - they tend to be the more classic designs. 

So for the time being I am going to make sure I stick with what I am happy with.  Surely the less pressure we put on ourselves the better.  Life and society put too much pressure on us already to fit in.  Let's relax and knit, do what makes us happy.

(Martha by Kim Hargreaves in Felted Tweed dk)

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye is never easy.  Unfortunately we are having to say goodbye by to our beloved dog. Rusty.  We have been through so much together and it is a hard day.  But it will be better for him.  He is nearly 15 which considering what he has been through at the start of his life and more recently is a miracle he has been with us this long.  He has meant so much to us all, both friends and family.  Always there to greet people when they come to visit.  Always a friendly lick.  Just being there and having someone to share your woes with and  not answering back.  Always getting you out of the house when you don't really want to and making you feel so much better for doing so.  Sharing runs in fields and lanes, walks, hikes up mountains, playing frisbee, helping clear the plates when we can't finish our food, cleaning the kitchen floor of crumbs.  (Oh my goodness I shall have to sweep the floor more often now).  These are just some of the many things you have done for us but now is the time for you to go and we understand that even though we may be sad we still love you and will miss you terribly.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Yarn Along and end of silence (maybe)

I have not been on here for such a long time.  Knitting has been going on and reading has happened but I just haven't felt the where with all to blog about it.

I have been doing lots of sample knitting, knitting for others and pattern testing lately.  I have been enjoying this even though I do wish I had more knitting time during the day so that I could knit so much more but real life just seems to get in the way.  There always seems to be something else that needs doing and it always seems to take longer than I think.

The above knit is a sweater that I am knitting up as a sample for A Yarn Story in Bath for their shop.  The pattern is Stasis by Leila Raabe and is knit in Brooklyn Tweed Loft.  This is the first time I have used this yarn and also knit something by this designer.  I am loving both. 

As for reading I am reading 'A Respectable Trade' by Phillipa Gregory, an author whose writing style I really like.

Well, not much more to really say this time other than that I hope to blog a little more in 2018.