Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Not long now and we will be talking about winter.  The leaves have fallen off the trees.  We have  had a few frosts.  I do like this time of year, well parts of it.  I love it when the leaves are changing colour.  I love the sunrises and the sunsets.  I think the majority of my recent pictures on instagram have been pictures of sunrise or sunset.  They are so beautiful.

In home life change is also happening.  We are reconsidering a different school for little one, he is not happy or are we.  He relaxes Friday night but then by Sunday he is very anxious again.  Not good for one so young (he is 6).   I  told school about 2 weeks ago that I would not be able to do casual supply as of January and I am going to start persuing my creative side - I think I need this break as well.

Roll on the Christmas Holidays when we can all relax a bit and enjoy spending time together.