Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Recent Purchases!!!

I have been very naughty.  Look what I have purchased recently.

Yes that is right 2 lots of Old Maiden Aunt yarns.

The top one is 'Dreich' colourway and the bottom one is 'bean nighe'.

I hadn't intended to get 2 lots but I fell in love with both.  I originally bought the bean nighe and was going to make this with it.

 From this book by Ysolda Teaque.

But was browsing Old maiden aunt's website shop the other day and realised she had in stock a colourway that I really, really, really wanted.  Not that I needed to add to my stash.  Now I have a dilemma which colourway do I knit Cria in?  I have enough yarn in the Dreich to knit a long sleeve Cria whereas I only have enough of Bean Nighe to knit the short sleeve version.  Dilemma, Dilemma.  Do I knit both!?  And if I do which do I start with?

I have worked out which size to do now and just need to swatch to check my tension.  Best get on with it.

Hope you're having a good week
Morag x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A bit more Gorilla hunting and a bit of cleaning

Last Wednesday we decided we would do a little bit more Gorilla hunting around Bristol.  So we parked near the water tower on the downs and walked across to the Clifton Suspension Bridge and then did a circular route back up Whiteladies Road back to the car, where on route we had to stop for a coffee for me and an Ice cream for Josh.

 I think the packet of sugar that came with my coffee was more interesting than the ice cream!

And over the weekend we made the most of the weather to do a bit of cleaning and tidying.  Andy decided the windows needed cleaning only I think we might have used a bit too much cleaning mixture, just a little too many bubbles.

And of course, Josh wanted to be up the  ladder to help.

Well while that was being done I was inside cleaning. Why is it I seem to get all the jobs that need doing inside? 

Knitting wise this week has just been trying to get a few things done that have been on the needles for a while and catching up on my Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket. I have now finished August's squares or at least knitting them, still need to sew them.

I am also working on a little secret project that I can't show you for a while but I can say that I am knitting up some projects for a friend's knitting pattern book which is due to be published later in the year.  This is very exciting well at least it is for me!

Enough for now before I start getting boring.

Morag x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Summer Days

I can't believe how time is flying by so quickly.  Finding things to do at the moment is quite easy - Josh is fairly amiable and is quite happy to go along with what we are doing.  Last week Andy was going to play golf for the first time this summer and was practising in the garden with proper clubs so I thought we ought to get Josh some of his own.  So opted for these.

Of course, daddy just had to have a go aswell.  Not sure we should really play with them inside.

And then over the weekend we picked our first carrot and it was delicious.  It was had alongside some fresh beans from the garden and some broad beans from Mother-in-Law's allotment.  Yum - fresh veggies.

The forecast for the first part of the week was not supposed to be very good so I thought we would go to the museum.  Look what we found in the entrance to the Museum.

After looking around the museum and having a coffee (of course - all part of going out for the day) we decided to go on a Gorilla hunt around the dock area and city centre of Bristol.  There are 60 Gorilla's at various venues in and around Bristol.  We found 15 by which time it wasn't quite so exciting!

Didn't take pictures of them all but they are amazing.  In the end the weather wasn't actually that bad and we had a great day.

Way back in April when we had a heat wave we bought Josh a sandpit and slide, the slide got put up the day it came, unfortunately the sandpit didn't, it has been cluttering up the house ever since it came.  So the other day I thought I really ought to get it out so Josh and I had a lovely afternoon putting it together and then playing in it.  It just means we now have sand in various places over the garden.  Oh well all good fun.

Hope you have a good weekend.  The weather doesn't sound too wonderful but hopefully we might get some gardening done and some more playing in the sandpit! and on the slide!