Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Recent Purchases!!!

I have been very naughty.  Look what I have purchased recently.

Yes that is right 2 lots of Old Maiden Aunt yarns.

The top one is 'Dreich' colourway and the bottom one is 'bean nighe'.

I hadn't intended to get 2 lots but I fell in love with both.  I originally bought the bean nighe and was going to make this with it.

 From this book by Ysolda Teaque.

But was browsing Old maiden aunt's website shop the other day and realised she had in stock a colourway that I really, really, really wanted.  Not that I needed to add to my stash.  Now I have a dilemma which colourway do I knit Cria in?  I have enough yarn in the Dreich to knit a long sleeve Cria whereas I only have enough of Bean Nighe to knit the short sleeve version.  Dilemma, Dilemma.  Do I knit both!?  And if I do which do I start with?

I have worked out which size to do now and just need to swatch to check my tension.  Best get on with it.

Hope you're having a good week
Morag x

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