Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bank Holiday

With the lovely weather on Bank Holiday Monday we decided to go to Glastonbury.  After a quick walk around the town we picked up our sandwiches from the car and headed for the Tor.  I had forgotten that it is quite a walk for someone with little legs to get to the Tor - we just kept saying we were almost there!  And reminding him that once we got to the top we could have our lunch.  Also the promise of an ice cream when we got back down to the town worked well.

At the top the views were amazing.  It was very clear and you could see out into the Bristol Channel and beyond.   I don't think I have been up there with such good views.

Once back down we did as promised and bought the little one his ice cream while Mummy and Daddy treated themselves to a well earned cup of tea and the dog had a long drink of water.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Disappointment happens

For the last week or so I have been meaning to blog but have just not been able to put the words on here that I wanted.

We didn't get either of our 1st two choices of schools for our youngest.  We did get our 3rd choice which is a very good church school but it involves getting to school by car, we had hoped to be able to walk.  We have gone on a waiting list at the church school in the town but I don't hold out much hope of getting a place.  So mentally I have been going through the thought processes of how to get to school - walking is just not feasible,  so I am hoping if the weather isn't too bad we will cycle maybe two days of the week just so we don't use the car too much.  Also we will park a little bit away from the school so that we do have a little bit of a walk before and after school.

I can't believe in a few months time my little one will be going to big school.  It is all rather frightening and I am not sure how I really feel about it all.  I have mixed emotions.  It seems like one chapter is coming to an end and another is just about to begin but with lots of uncertainty at the moment.  I know deep down that  it is just a change in routine and we will work into our new routines and they will become our everyday routine.  I am sure over time little one will cope with school just as he has preschool.

Still not sure I am putting this how I want but I have so many thoughts going through my head at the moment.  Sorry if you are reading this and hoping to find my usual happy post with some knitting involved - I am still knitting.