Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bank Holiday

With the lovely weather on Bank Holiday Monday we decided to go to Glastonbury.  After a quick walk around the town we picked up our sandwiches from the car and headed for the Tor.  I had forgotten that it is quite a walk for someone with little legs to get to the Tor - we just kept saying we were almost there!  And reminding him that once we got to the top we could have our lunch.  Also the promise of an ice cream when we got back down to the town worked well.

At the top the views were amazing.  It was very clear and you could see out into the Bristol Channel and beyond.   I don't think I have been up there with such good views.

Once back down we did as promised and bought the little one his ice cream while Mummy and Daddy treated themselves to a well earned cup of tea and the dog had a long drink of water.

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  1. Oh, how I love Glastonbury Tor. One of the best photos I have ever taken of my DH was from the top of the Tor. It's a wonderful place.