Monday, 7 November 2011


Thought I would just add a few pictures to update my last post.  Well here are some pictures of Josh just before going to preschool this morning.  He is beginning to settle in there a bit better, seemed happy to go in this morning and as far as I know didn't cry until I picked him up.  He seems to cry as he sees me walk in the door and it was a real effort to cry this morning!

We are looking very relaxed, sitting in mummy's washing basket.

Even more relaxed. 

And then I told him to smile while I took his photo.  What a smile!

And I promise this is the last for the moment.  He has his bag on and his ducky in his hand and is ready to go.  

Well I am beginning to get used to not having Josh around all the time but the days he is at preschool the house is very quiet and I do manage to get the housework done in a quick time rather than being interupted by something needing doing or some little man wanting to help.

Over the weekend I managed to get a bit of knitting done on the shawl for the KAL .  I have now completed three repeats of chart A and am about to start on chart B and am still enjoying it and the colour is very beautiful.  Not sure the following pictures really do it any justice as the weather is very overcast here again and not great for taking pictures but I thought I would take some just to keep my photos up to date with this project.

Hope you are having a good start to the week and I may even get to write more than one post this week.

Have a good week
Morag x

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