Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Request

Yesterday afternoon I had a request to knit a scarf for a sheep (not a real one - just a wheat filled one that can go in the microwave).  The scarf if possible could it have a logo put on it. The logo was to be the one that my husband and eldest son have for their new business. This was requested about 5 o'clock in the evening and when I asked when it needed to be done the answer was tomorrow if possible as it is the recipient's birthday. So as always I was up for the challenge and here is what I produced within the short space of time I had (and no I wasn't up all night).  Unfortunately not modelled on the sheep as that was at work but modelled by youngest son's teddy.

A closer picture of the scarf the lettering was  sewn by hand onto white and orange felt and then sewn onto the scarf.

Another close up of the lettering.

Oops think teddy had had enough of trying the scarf on and  having his photo taken and decided to lie down.

Morag x

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