Thursday, 22 March 2012

Long time

Why is it that time seems to fly by so quickly?  I have been meaning to write on my blog for the last two weeks.

Nearly two weeks ago we had a family get together at my parent's house for my Mum's and Alex's birthday.  Mum turned 65 and Alex 24.  We had a lovely lunch, a walk to the park and got back to Mum and Dad's and were preparing tea when Josh tripped on the rug and fell face down on the coffee table.  Unfortunately it meant a trip to casualty.  2 hours later and 5 steri strips we were back home - a bit shaken up and bruised.

Thankfully we are back to normal now and just have a small mark on our face which just looks like a scratch.

Since then we have had Mother's Day and look what greeted me when I came down to breakfast that morning.

The daffs are from the garden but the letters are all handmade by Alex and each letter took about 20 minutes to do (I think I may have given up after the first word)!  I also had a Cath Kidston bag which I have wanted for ages.

Just to show that after Josh's accident life is back to normal here are a couple of pictures of normal life in our household.

The top one is Josh's Den which he loves to sit in or hide in when you want him to do something and the bottom one is Josh's new climbing frame in the garden, well at least new to him it was a hand me down from his cousins.  He absolutely loves it.  He is out in the garden in the morning in his pyjamas at 8.10.

And just to show that spring is finally here.

Have no idea what they are?  They were in some woodland in the park near my parents house.

Hope you all have a good week and I hope to be back next week maybe with some knitting projects that I have been doing.

Morag x

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