Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Joining with Ginny (Small things) for this weeks knitalong.  I have started something new this week and something for me.

This is Cobalt by Kim Hargreaves from her latest book Indigo.  

Reading wise has been a bit slow of late. I seem to only read when I go to bed otherwise it is maybe a magazine.  Far too much gardening to do at the moment while the weather has been good.  This is one I picked up this morning at the supermarket when I was doing my weekly shopping.

Hope you all have a good week.
Morag x


  1. You have knit quite a lot in one week. I am assuming it's a sweater, it looks great!

    1. A cardigan knitted separately and then sewn up. I am hoping to get it finished by the time we go camping!

  2. I love reading magazines, they are perfect for putting down and picking up again. Here's mine!