Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Half term

This week is half term so Josh has not had preschool and a different routine - our holiday routine.  We have done our usual visit to the museum which he loves doing every holiday.  This time was slightly different he spent more time actually looking at things and wanted me to read some of the display notes to him.  He is growing up.

We have also been doing lots of playing at home - his favourite at the moment is making soup and cups of tea and making biscuits out of play doh.  He has spent hours doing this and has had lots of fun.

The seasons are changing - the trees have just about lost all their leaves but a few weekends ago we did manage to squeeze a visit to Westonbirt Arboretum.  (It was a present from my parents for Andy's birthday back in July).  The colours were good and the weather was actually quite warm.  It was beautiful.  Josh spent quite a bit of time looking at the tags on the trees telling you what sort of tree they are and also looking for the fairies and trolls.  We have been reading a book by Elsa Beskow - Woody, Hazel and little Pip.  This is new to us but is fast becoming a favourite and has some beautiful pictures in it.

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