Wednesday, 3 April 2013


On Good Friday, we went to the University of Bristol Botanical Gardens with my parents.  It was absolutely freezing cold and we didn't spend long there.  They had some sculptures to find around the garden which Josh enjoyed looking for.  Unfortunately it was too cold for most of the plants and so they were covered to protect them so I think we shall have to go back again and look at the plants when it is warmer.

Easter weekend was a very quiet affair at home just us.  It was nice to have a long weekend and just relax.  We did spend quite a bit of time in the garden doing some tidying after the winter and getting things ready for when Spring does decide to eventually come and it is warm enough to plant things.


  1. Wow, those sculptures are amazing. I do love a bit of stained glass especially.

    1. Yes, Me too. It was a shame it was not sunny as the reflections from the glass would have been amazing.