Wednesday, 20 July 2011

July is almost gone!

Where has all the time gone?  We have just been on holiday in the Peak District for a whole week.  We got there and it was raining - my first thought was is it going to do this all week.  Thankfully not.  We had lovely weather and got a bit of walking in, not that easy with a 2 1/2 year old.  

This is the view from the village we stayed in, we did lots of walking along this road.

This is the view from the cottage, ours is the cottage in the picture above.  It had a lovely front garden that we spent lots of time sitting in to relax.

 Last picture from our holiday.  This was taken on one of the walks that we did - using part of the high peak trail.  Amazing countryside - would love to revisit when little one is a bit older and can walk a bit further.

Thought I would also include some pictures from before we went on holiday, just some of the humdrum of everyday life.

Playdoughing in the garden in the sun , much nicer than doing this inside when it is raining!

 Some art work also done the same day to use as a picture for granny's  birthday.  And last but not least my deco cardigan which is still waiting for me to find the appropriate ribbon and buttons so that I can finish it off.

This was taken before I blocked it which has now been done, shame I still have not found any ribbon or buttons yet.

And I thought I would just end with a couple of other pictures that I really like.

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