Friday, 28 October 2011

Half term - almost gone!

 Well this week has gone by so quickly.  The next few weeks there are going to be huge changes in our household.  Josh is about to start preschool - with one session on a Monday morning and one on a Thursday afternoon when he gets to take a packed lunch to eat with the other children there.  He has spent the last week insisting that mummy is going to preschool with him.  So come Monday we will see how he settles.

Our other news is that Andy and Alex resigned from their present jobs which neither were terribly happy at and are going to start up their own company with a fellow colleague.  So all change there.  Huge changes for all concerned.  There have been many sleepless nights from the grown ups in the house.

Well we had some other good news recently in that Andy's brother and his wife had a little baby boy.  So in the usual tradition in this house they get something knitted.  I made a jumper from a Kim Hargreaves pattern but decided to do it plain rather than have a star on the front as in the pattern and then add a little patch at the bottom to distinguish the front from the back.

Unfortunately red doesn't photograph very well so please excuse the photos.

Here is the patch that I made and also another picture of the whole thing.

As I said not wonderful photos.  Looking through my camera I have realised I haven't taken any pictures for a while  - must try and do something about that over the weekend.

Any way hope you all have a good weekend and I will try and blog again next week.

Morag x

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