Tuesday, 11 October 2011

What have I been up to lately?

Well a few weekends ago we went to spend a long weekend with Mother In Law and had absolutely lovely weather.  It was probably the last of the hot weather for this year.  We decided to go down to the beach and Josh had great fun building (knocking down) sandcastles and going down to the sea.

Can't believe it was the end of September and we had shorts and t-shirts on. What weather!  Shame it was short lived.  Back to the usual dreary weather.

Craftwise I have also been busy - trying to make a few pieces for a local sale at our church.  These have been fun to make.

This is 'Bella Bunny' the pattern is by Lucinda Guy.  She was fun to make but seemed to take a lot longer than I thought.

These are some keyrings that I have made from my own design.  They are a knitted rectangle with either a heart, or star sewn on in felt and then backed with felt and stuffed a little.

I think this is my favourite it is some 'Happy Birthday' Bunting or at least it will be once I have sewn it onto some ribbon.  The letters are cut out from felt and then handsewn on the knitting blocks.  I have also made one saying Happy Christmas.

And the last thing I have made are these brooches inspired by Lucy of Attic 24, her blog is so colourful and inspiring.

I have finished knitting my Cria but am not very pleased with it at the moment - so until I have time to change it will not finish it.  At the moment I am not sure when that will be as I have two baby jumpers to make and also see if I can get some more stuff done for the church sale.

Well think that is all for now, must get on and take the dog out.  This blog post feels very rushed but I felt I needed to put something on.  Will try not to rush the next post.

Take care
Morag x


  1. Oh my! Some wonderful crafting going on with you. I love Bella Bunny - she is so sweet.