Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easter Holidays and Chicken Pox

Josh finished Pre-school last week for the Easter holidays and then Monday morning we got up and I noticed some spots on his front near his neck.  Well as the week has gone on the number of spots have increased.  Oh well, better to get chicken pox while still young but still not much fun.  We have been bathing him in peppermint oil and rubbing in aloe vera gel when he allows (it tickles me!).

Being fairly housebound, apart from taking the dog out, has meant we have had the chance to build houses and get some knitting done.  The latest project is Flair which I am knitting up for Great British Yarns, my local yarn store.  Also on the needles is February Lady Sweater, the idea was to start this in February but it didn't happen then or in March.  I haven't actually got very far yet but will take some pictures in due course.  Do you like my new stitch markers?  I bought them this morning - a little Easter present to myself!

Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.
Morag x


  1. Poor Josh! How's he coping with it? Harry had chicken pox about a year ago and luckily it didn't bother him much.

    Gorgeous stitch markers - definitely a set to bring a smile to your face!

    1. He hasn't been too bad, a bit more cuddly than normal and a bit off colour not really wanting to eat but he tends to do that when under the weather. I think we are over the worst now as he was a more like his old self at lunchtime - a bit argumentative!

    2. Sounds very like Harry gets when he's not well! Hopefully he was better in time for a nice Easter weekend.