Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Knitting and Reading

At the moment I am knitting Warriston by Kate Davies.  I had the wool as a Christmas present and have only just got around to knitting it.  I know it seems mad to be knitting such a thick jumper at the start of spring but I decided the other night that I needed a jumper for the evenings when we are camping this summer to keep me warm.

The book is one I picked up from Waterstones bookshop this morning so I haven't actually started it yet but hope to this evening when I go to bed which is when I do most of my reading.


  1. I have learned from experience that thick jumpers are necessary for camping holidays :) looks like an interesting read!

    1. Will let you know if it is an interesting read. But I definitely agree with the thick jumper thing and camping.

  2. there is something so utterly divine about a brand new book! enjoy. x x x x