Monday, 6 April 2015

Love your blog challenge - Interactions and Community

I have decided to join along on the Love your blog challenge in the hope that I may fall back in love with my blog and not feel that my life is too boring and no one would want to read it.   So I have joined in with Kate over on her blog 'A playful day' and lots of other bloggers who read her blog.

Whan thinking about the first challenge of Interactions and Community I first thought I am not entirely sure what this really means to me but as I thought about it more there are so many communities we can be part of  and there are so many interactions that go on in those communities.
A big part of my life is my knitting and so Ravelry is such a big part of it - from getting inspiration for garments I want to make to getting help with knitting problems and meeting others albeit online.   Also this has led me to go to a knitting night and again interaction with others have been a big part and friendships have been made especially as knitting can seem quite a solitary hobby.

(I leave you with this picture above which was taken today, Easter Monday while walking the dog in the fields around our house, our local community where we interact with other dog owners and walkers while enjoying the scenery and surroundings).


  1. No life is boring - we all have a voice to be heard, whether that's in words or pictures.
    I'd forgotten my community that existed before I lost my dog, thank you for the reminder

  2. Thanks Claire for the kind words

  3. Lovely picture! I'm glad I'm not alone in sometimes worrying that others might not be interested in what I have to say. But I agree with Claire that no life is boring and it's interesting to read about lives which are similar to my own and also lives which are different.