Friday, 11 March 2016

Still Here

It is so long since I last wrote on here, it is not that I have not had anything to put on here but that I just haven't.

Life has just been plodding along.  Josh has started at a small village school about 5 miles from home with only 65 pupils in the whole school.  At the moment he is in a class of reception, year 1 and year 2 but there are less than 30 pupils.  Next year he will go into a class of year 3 and 4 and there will be 20 at the most.  He seems to be settling in very well with only 1 or 2 wobbles so far.  So that is good and he is generally happy to go to school each morning which is such a relief.

Craftwise again life is ticking over with both sample and test knitting happening.  But also leaving me enough time to knit myself things.  Hopefully I might get around to posting some pictures soon.

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